” A guilty conscience feels continual fear ” 

Where is guilt coming from? Is it from choosing to act a certain way or do something  knowing we shouldn’t ?

Actions have consequences and regrets are poisonous.

I work with a few assholes, women assholes. They like to pick on anything they can to hurt me even a little bit.. on purpose , then they ask for my help. They really suck!

I choose to help them every time.

Why? Because I know I can help them and choosing not to because I don’t like them would make me feel guilty . I like to sleep well at night with a clear conscience.

I understand that most negative feelings  steam from some form of disappointment. In personal life, appearances or just plain denial of present circumstances.

It is probably easier to find another miserable asshole, band together and be jerks. It is easier than working out your own issues because that would take some work and discipline and it might feel uncomfortable.

Everyday  you wake up  you can start over again ….and again even if you were an asshole yesterday, you can still turn it around if you really want to.


“Short is the road that leads from fear to hatred”


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