There’s only one YOU! Recognize how precious that is.

It is very sad to see people struggling to accept themselves. We are all different but also the same.

I won’t let society tell me who I am or who I should be. I am who I am and accepting that is very liberating.

We are only different in our looks. Brown skin, blond hair, blue eyes, white skin , black hair, green eyes…and all the different variations of hair, skin and eye colors.

It is how we evolved, just like cats and dogs and everything else. We look different but we all need the same conditions to survive.

So who cares what color is your skin? or hair? or if you are tall or short? or if you like to dress up everyday or wear jeans and flip-flops.

It’s who you are that matters most and how you treat others. Who you are without any labels or titles or names.

We also have different  body shapes and there’s not one better than the other.

If you are overweight you can work on that, it’s not terminal but it takes work. If you are too thin, you can work on that also. But it all starts with accepting yourself first and then working on achieving the best version of yourself .

There’s not one look fits all !!  Appreciate others and their looks. Compliment others and yourself. Help others love themselves by first loving yourself.


“A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion.” 



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