We have enough! We have more than we need.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a house, food , clothes and nice toys….and cars.

The basic needs are met but we want more….better…bigger. If feels exhausting. Always chasing something else…never enough.

It is ok to want new things once in a while, a new purse, lipstick,video card , shoes and coca cola gummies but some of us get lost in the whirlpool of shopping .

The world is evolving ! Businesses work hard to keep it going …with new products every 6 months.BUY BUY BUY!!

Convenience!! People love that! You can order food, groceries , a mechanic , a toilet, cleaning lady, dog sitter and so much more.

In the meanwhile the planet is suffering and that is very sad!

Do we really need all that???

He that is hard to please, may get nothing in the end!! “


Laughing is the best. Laughing at yourself or with friends , your dog and  even with a stranger.

Making someone laugh when they are sad reminds them they have a choice , always.

I like to make myself laugh by drawing stupid things and laugh at it because I am not really good at drawing. They also represent some mean people in my life so it feels even better. Drawing is great therapy!!

See for yourself:


Sometimes you feel not happy but not sad, not depressed but kind of blah.

I like to call it “feeling flat” and it feels great. It’s like a break from  more intense feelings.

We should allow ourselves to feel flat whenever we need.

I love laying in the grass, feeling the earth beneath me , connecting with it with every breath!




Forever now!

It is always now!

We don’t need a close encounter with death or a health scare to change our perspective on life.

A new perspective is always available to us.

Remember this life-train has a destination .

I make my dog breakfast on the weekends: bacon, egg and cheese scramble. Before I serve it to him, I take him for a nice short walk, while the food cools off. When we get back, he eats his food and then he likes to relax in his comfy bed. He looks so happy and content and that makes me happy.

Watching him enjoying these happy moments without questioning “what’s next” is admirable.  We can’t stop time so we have to use it wisely !

Trust life , enjoy the adventure , moment by moment until the end.