Let it go!!!

It is almost the year 2020!!! Wow!!

Forget about “new years resolutions” nonsense. . Instead of working on long lists of demands you have for yourself , how about working on letting go!!

Let go of all the anger and frustration you accumulated throughout the year.

Let go of all the disappointments and worries about things you cannot control. Keep it simple and real, drop your expectations and trust yourself and life happens.

Use the last day of the year to think about it one more time and then start the new year fresh…empty and new!

We carry around a lot of stress, check your shoulders and your neck. Relax, dance and take a bath. Take time for yourself.

Work on letting go and work on being aware and present at all times so you can experience life outside ourselves not the world we create inside our stressed minds.

Life is going by fast so don’t waste your time!!!

What happened in 2019 STAYS in 2019 no carry over!!

Happy New Year!!!!


miuWe are not what happens to us.

We all had some distressful traumatic events in our lives at some point. Something that caused us stress and lots of suffering, but we don’t have to carry that with us for the rest of our lives… we don’t have to let it define us.

Part of getting older and maturing is learning how to let go of baggage , like heavy rocks sinking in a deep lake. Let it go and let it settle.

Courage is a rewarding emotion.  A pat on the back for doing something hard, making a hard decision, making the right choice in an uncomfortable situation or taking a risk.


Feed this emotion as often as possible , it only makes you stronger and improves the quality of your life!



The drawing used for this post was done by me !

“This Way ” –


There’s only one YOU! Recognize how precious that is.

It is very sad to see people struggling to accept themselves. We are all different but also the same.

I won’t let society tell me who I am or who I should be. I am who I am and accepting that is very liberating.

We are only different in our looks. Brown skin, blond hair, blue eyes, white skin , black hair, green eyes…and all the different variations of hair, skin and eye colors.

It is how we evolved, just like cats and dogs and everything else. We look different but we all need the same conditions to survive.

So who cares what color is your skin? or hair? or if you are tall or short? or if you like to dress up everyday or wear jeans and flip-flops.

It’s who you are that matters most and how you treat others. Who you are without any labels or titles or names.

We also have different  body shapes and there’s not one better than the other.

If you are overweight you can work on that, it’s not terminal but it takes work. If you are too thin, you can work on that also. But it all starts with accepting yourself first and then working on achieving the best version of yourself .

There’s not one look fits all !!  Appreciate others and their looks. Compliment others and yourself. Help others love themselves by first loving yourself.


“A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion.” 




  ” A guilty conscience feels continual fear ” 

Where is guilt coming from? Is it from choosing to act a certain way or do something  knowing we shouldn’t ?

Actions have consequences and regrets are poisonous.

I work with a few assholes, women assholes. They like to pick on anything they can to hurt me even a little bit.. on purpose , then they ask for my help. They really suck!

I choose to help them every time.

Why? Because I know I can help them and choosing not to because I don’t like them would make me feel guilty . I like to sleep well at night with a clear conscience.

I understand that most negative feelings  steam from some form of disappointment. In personal life, appearances or just plain denial of present circumstances.

It is probably easier to find another miserable asshole, band together and be jerks. It is easier than working out your own issues because that would take some work and discipline and it might feel uncomfortable.

Everyday  you wake up  you can start over again ….and again even if you were an asshole yesterday, you can still turn it around if you really want to.


“Short is the road that leads from fear to hatred”



We have enough! We have more than we need.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a house, food , clothes and nice toys….and cars.

The basic needs are met but we want more….better…bigger. If feels exhausting. Always chasing something else…never enough.

It is ok to want new things once in a while, a new purse, lipstick,video card , shoes and coca cola gummies but some of us get lost in the whirlpool of shopping .

The world is evolving ! Businesses work hard to keep it going …with new products every 6 months.BUY BUY BUY!!

Convenience!! People love that! You can order food, groceries , a mechanic , a toilet, cleaning lady, dog sitter and so much more.

In the meanwhile the planet is suffering and that is very sad!

Do we really need all that???

He that is hard to please, may get nothing in the end!! “


Sometimes you feel not happy but not sad, not depressed but kind of blah.

I like to call it “feeling flat” and it feels great. It’s like a break from  more intense feelings.

We should allow ourselves to feel flat whenever we need.

I love laying in the grass, feeling the earth beneath me , connecting with it with every breath!




Forever now!

It is always now!

We don’t need a close encounter with death or a health scare to change our perspective on life.

A new perspective is always available to us.

Remember this life-train has a destination .

I make my dog breakfast on the weekends: bacon, egg and cheese scramble. Before I serve it to him, I take him for a nice short walk, while the food cools off. When we get back, he eats his food and then he likes to relax in his comfy bed. He looks so happy and content and that makes me happy.

Watching him enjoying these happy moments without questioning “what’s next” is admirable.  We can’t stop time so we have to use it wisely !

Trust life , enjoy the adventure , moment by moment until the end.