Let it go!!!

It is almost the year 2020!!! Wow!!

Forget about “new years resolutions” nonsense. . Instead of working on long lists of demands you have for yourself , how about working on letting go!!

Let go of all the anger and frustration you accumulated throughout the year.

Let go of all the disappointments and worries about things you cannot control. Keep it simple and real, drop your expectations and trust yourself and life happens.

Use the last day of the year to think about it one more time and then start the new year fresh…empty and new!

We carry around a lot of stress, check your shoulders and your neck. Relax, dance and take a bath. Take time for yourself.

Work on letting go and work on being aware and present at all times so you can experience life outside ourselves not the world we create inside our stressed minds.

Life is going by fast so don’t waste your time!!!

What happened in 2019 STAYS in 2019 no carry over!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Does it matter?

What matters to you the most? Sit with that question until you are satisfied with the answer. Don’t stop until you find it . When you do accept it. Do not compare yourself with anybody , ever.

Knowing yourself means accepting yourself.

You will probably find out that what really matters in life is pretty simple and that most things don’t really matter.

I like to keep thing simple and save myself from  the senseless suffering and frustration coming from “sh*t that just doesn’t matter”.

So, if what matters to you is great that is awesome, if it’s not then work at it to make it better, whatever that means; a big change can be scary but if it’s the right one it will feel right.

The stuff that does not matter should not affect you and if it does you should let it go as soon as you can. See it for what it is and move on.

If we keep it simple we have more time to smell the roses, more time with each other , more time doing things we enjoy instead of being trapped in a mind that thinks everything is important !!!



Friday nights!

Oh Friday, how I missed you.

You wake up Friday morning and feel a little hopeful; tomorrow is Saturday and you can sleep in or do whatever you want.

We made it thru another week. Maybe nothing spectacular happened but hey, we’re still alive so we should celebrate ourselves.

I appreciate everything I have and all the people in my life. I appreciate that I have a job, even though I have to deal with assholes and the commute sucks . I appreciate I have a nice decent house to call my home , food on my table and decent health.

I appreciate my dog doesn’t eat my couch while I am at work and that my back doesn’t hurt every day.  I appreciate when I am left alone with my thoughts.

I am alive and I appreciate that.

Fridays for me bring everything into perspective ; a constant reminder to appreciate everything that I have and everything that I am.

Celebrate life and yourself by doing something you love… I love dancing !!

What about you???



miuWe are not what happens to us.

We all had some distressful traumatic events in our lives at some point. Something that caused us stress and lots of suffering, but we don’t have to carry that with us for the rest of our lives… we don’t have to let it define us.

Part of getting older and maturing is learning how to let go of baggage , like heavy rocks sinking in a deep lake. Let it go and let it settle.

Courage is a rewarding emotion.  A pat on the back for doing something hard, making a hard decision, making the right choice in an uncomfortable situation or taking a risk.


Feed this emotion as often as possible , it only makes you stronger and improves the quality of your life!



The drawing used for this post was done by me !

“This Way ” –


We have enough! We have more than we need.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a house, food , clothes and nice toys….and cars.

The basic needs are met but we want more….better…bigger. If feels exhausting. Always chasing something else…never enough.

It is ok to want new things once in a while, a new purse, lipstick,video card , shoes and coca cola gummies but some of us get lost in the whirlpool of shopping .

The world is evolving ! Businesses work hard to keep it going …with new products every 6 months.BUY BUY BUY!!

Convenience!! People love that! You can order food, groceries , a mechanic , a toilet, cleaning lady, dog sitter and so much more.

In the meanwhile the planet is suffering and that is very sad!

Do we really need all that???

He that is hard to please, may get nothing in the end!! “