Let it go!!!

It is almost the year 2020!!! Wow!!

Forget about “new years resolutions” nonsense. . Instead of working on long lists of demands you have for yourself , how about working on letting go!!

Let go of all the anger and frustration you accumulated throughout the year.

Let go of all the disappointments and worries about things you cannot control. Keep it simple and real, drop your expectations and trust yourself and life happens.

Use the last day of the year to think about it one more time and then start the new year fresh…empty and new!

We carry around a lot of stress, check your shoulders and your neck. Relax, dance and take a bath. Take time for yourself.

Work on letting go and work on being aware and present at all times so you can experience life outside ourselves not the world we create inside our stressed minds.

Life is going by fast so don’t waste your time!!!

What happened in 2019 STAYS in 2019 no carry over!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Does it matter?

What matters to you the most? Sit with that question until you are satisfied with the answer. Don’t stop until you find it . When you do accept it. Do not compare yourself with anybody , ever.

Knowing yourself means accepting yourself.

You will probably find out that what really matters in life is pretty simple and that most things don’t really matter.

I like to keep thing simple and save myself fromĀ  the senseless suffering and frustration coming from “sh*t that just doesn’t matter”.

So, if what matters to you is great that is awesome, if it’s not then work at it to make it better, whatever that means; a big change can be scary but if it’s the right one it will feel right.

The stuff that does not matter should not affect you and if it does you should let it go as soon as you can. See it for what it is and move on.

If we keep it simple we have more time to smell the roses, more time with each other , more time doing things we enjoy instead of being trapped in a mind that thinks everything is important !!!